WHo is she, tho?



When I was just a lil Leah, I remember the days being frequent where I hated what I had to choose from, where I hated that I couldn’t seem to put together what I envisioned with what was available. I could never seem to find clothes that suited me, that made me feel vibrant and satisfied. When I did find something perfect, I could never afford it. I remember wearing the same two t-shirts for almost an entire year because they were the only ones I liked (yes, I was teased for it). I vowed that one day, maybe when I had more freedom and money of my own, I would like everything I owned. One day, my closet will be full of things that I love. It was only a few years ago when I looked at my closet and smiled, saying, I love everything in here, that I remembered that feeling so long ago. It was an emotional recollection as I visited the memory of a girl who was unbearably creative but with limited resources; a girl who didn't believe she was beautiful and therefore felt she needed to look the part through her outfits.

Clothing has always been a multi-faceted, convoluted tool. At times, I've used clothing as a protective skin, an escape, a barrier, a distraction. At other times, it’s a personal language, a method of expression, a creative voice, an unveiling of myself. I want you to see more than clothing, more than a face, or a body — I want you to see the vibrant, awe-inspiring, sacred colours dwelling within me; I want you to see my humour, my essence, the flow of my spirit. 

When I began the clothevoyant, that was the intention: to show you who I was and to hopefully inspire you to take risks and be brave with what you wore. When I posted my first picture on Instagram, it started as small window into my process of thrifting and putting together outfits that seemed to bring a little bit of inspiration to my friends. Eventually, through hashtags and followers, I discovered this amazing world of slow fashion – independent retailers who were dedicated to making not just themselves, but their communities a more beautiful and fair place. I grew impassioned to see a translation between a world of morals and ethics to a world of beauty. As the account grew, so did my voice and my expression. It became more than just a way to curate a selection of fleeky finds — it became a way for me to bring purpose and meaning to this world I live in.

I hope in these pages you find more than just outfits – I hope in these photos you see more than just a woman wearing clothes. I hope, too, that you find yourself; that you’re inspired to show the world who you really are.

— Leah